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The Valley Story

The Story of Valley Kitchen

Take one young inspired chef, add in a little farm girl and her family and poof…you have an amazing farm-to-table restaurant.

Valley Kitchen was born out of the union of a chef and a farm girl. On a snowy day in Vail, CO, a shaggy-haired chef from Florida’s Gulf Coast met a beautiful, down-to-earth farm girl from La Crosse, IN. It was love at first sight and in September of 2010 the couple married.

The chef spent countless hours learning the farm girl’s family farming business in La Crosse, IN. On a warm spring day, the chef had been driving a tractor out in the field while reading a cooking magazine when it dawned on him that he and his wife should open their own restaurant. The couple felt that the Valparaiso area, with its surrounding rich agriculture, was an ideal place to open their very own farm-to-table restaurant. They felt that together they could offer Northwest Indiana not only delicious food, but the freshest food available.

And so, the story of Valley Kitchen began, Valparaiso’s first farm-to-fork restaurant.

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Valley Kitchen & Bar Valparaiso, IN

55 Franklin Street
Valparaiso, IN 46383
(219) 531-8888

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